Our Signature Styles and Featured Greek Jewelry Collections

Diamond Block™ by Damaskos

Where statement piece is an understatement.

Maya Diamond Block™ Ring

A perfect combination of the Diamond Block™ design and 100 diamonds 

Diamond Block™ Long Ring

Our classic original, measuring 3/4 inch width. The full collection offers smaller versions

Diamond Block™ Hinged Bracelet

The classic design, laid out in hinged tiles, sized to fit your wrist

Damaskos Black™

Delicately finished with oxidized 18k Gold or Sterling Silver martile texture

Black Silver 3 Stone Wide Band Ring

Cool colors of Peridot, Blue Topaz, and Rodalite complement the black silver base of this ring

Summer Nights Ruby and Diamonds Greek Pendant

A stunning pendant weighing in at almost 15 grams of 18k Gold, 7 diamonds, and 3 rubies

Roman Shield Black Silver Ring

Based on the design of early imperial legionary shields, the play of 18k gold with silver are striking

Sea of Voula

Colors inspired by the Aegean Sea—deep blues and greens

London Blue Topaz Ring

Classic Damaskos braided detail in 18k Gold, with 6 Diamonds and a large London Blue Topaz

Pop Rocks Soft Square Crown Ring

Stones that POP — Sterling Silver, 18k Gold and your choice of doublet stones

Pop Rocks Link Bracelet

Customize this juicy look with amazonite, apatite, mother of pearl, greek turquoise or turquoise

Sunsets of Kefalonia

Colors inspired by the sunsets of Greece—Explore red, purple, and pink

Mother and Child Ruby Twist Diamond Ring

18k Gold, Rubies, and Diamonds make up this lovely metaphor of a mother and child

Pink Tourmaline la Principessa Ring

Simply put, it's fit for any princess

Tourmaline Sided Amethyst Ring

Bold design and bold colors from our newest artist, Amanatidis

Sands of Time

All things we love to keep from the beach — a celebration of texture

Diamond Flowers Band Ring

18k Gold detail adorns this 1/2 wide ring encrusted with diamonds 

Minoan Diamond Earrings

18k Gold and 2 Diamonds on each earring, with a gorgeous see-through patterned back

Kalmia Heart Split-Faced Ring

The heart of a flower balanced with a heart — stunning texture surrounds 8 diamonds

Garden Shadows by Gerochristo

Light and shadows play in this style — Attention is drawn to the depth this Collection brings.

Garden Shadows Thin Ruby Bangle Bracelet

18k Gold and Sterling Silver, available with or without rubies

Garden Shadows Soft Square Ring

Our more popular ring for a man or woman, this show classic Garden Shadows detail

Garden Shadows Checker Band Ring

A fun pattern with mixed Sterling Silver and 18k Gold