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Our Business Model is “craft-on-demand." Although some of the products we list are currently in their respective designer's inventories, many are not, and will either need to be made or require customization. This can take up to 3 weeks in total time but benefits our customers in three significant ways:

  1. We are able to show more products than a brick and mortar store.
  2. We have more flexibility when it comes to customization (sizes, stone choices and in some cases customers have submitted entirely new design ideas).
  3. Price: We have no overhead ... you benefit in savings ... we're serious about that, and here is why:
We have a 24k gold diamond ring available for $1000. It's a simple & popular design that any designer might have in their collection. What's not as easy is finding a similar ring at the same price (or even within 25%). 

Our designers care more about craft than they do about "pomp" and together we believe one thing above all; that even though our products are world-class they have no value until they are owned, worn and valued by you.

Our 24k gold ring is $400 less because our business model allows for it, and because we believe in fairness - that this is how our customers should be treated.


We typically require 5-8 work days to make something before shipping it from Greece. Once it leaves Greece, it can take 5-10 days in Customs. Once it gets to us in NJ, we ship it out same day after quality checking it. We ship by USPS to you, which usually takes 3 business days. Expedited shipping can be arranged.  (please enquire). 


Refund Policy and Return Policy (NEW)

If you are not completely satisfied with your product we will take it back either for store credit or cash value.
  1. For purchases up to $1000 we offer a cash refund (or at your request; a store credit).
  2. For orders over $1000 we offer $1,000 cash back and the difference in store credit (or at your request; a full store credit).
  3. The desire for a refund must be expressed within 48 hours of your receiving of product. This gives you a chance to evaluate the piece and try it on (make sure it's everything you hoped it would be). 
  4. Customs Fees and Shipping costs are not included in any refund. As a result a restocking fee may be deducted to cover these expenses.

The message here is: We've served over 5,000 customers for over 12 years and we are confident in your enjoyment of both our product and service.

So please shop with confidence and indulge—your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Please also read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service

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