Store Policies

Athena's Treasures Seller Policies

By ordering or bidding-on any of our Athena's Treasures products you are stating that you've read, understood and accept the conditions outlined below:

Our Business Model: We are a “craft-on-demand” business. Although many of the products we list are currently in their respective designer's inventories, our business model depends heavily upon the hand crafting and customization of goods as they are ordered. This model benefits our customers in several significant ways.

Benefit: Customization. Every ring, necklace and most bracelets can be made to your size by the designer for a perfect fit at no additional charge. Also; for most of our pieces that feature gemstones you'll have a choice of color.



“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ―Aristotle

Hand crafting jewelry to your specifications can take time! 

To our credit we have competitors that suggest a 3 month turn-around for the same service we usually deliver on in less than 3 weeks. We beg your patience in any case; because this is by no means a modern, high speed, instant gratification situation! We work with craftsman who have unparalleled skills but speed is not their #1 priority - making a piece for lifelong enjoyment is.

Current Speed Expectations (please contact us first for more detailed & up-to-date info - this is general information):

  1.  Orders from Damaskos almost always take less than 7 business days to ship unless it is a fully customized product, in which case back & forth e-mails with you may be required to finalize the design requirements. Damaskos pieces are rarely in stock, especially considering the rings need to be made to size.
  2. Orders from Evangelatos usually less than 7 business days to ship.


Our goals

  • Unless otherwise stated we ship by registered mail, which usually takes 5 to 7 business days but offers no tracking information. For an extra fee we will make Fed-Ex 2 day shipping available (please inquire).
  • Although many items are in inventory and will be shipped within a day of ordering, we make no such promise on any piece unless it is mentioned as "in stock". Expect 5 to 7 business days on average for manufacturing time, but always feel free to ask for a more precise ETA when ordering.
  • For items that require customization, allow for extra time in the production process.


    Our Refund & Return Policy

    Our manufacturing and inventory assets are located in Athens, Greece. Much of the products we sell are specific and customized. Due to the nature of our arrangements we can not offer cash refunds or a "blanket" policy that covers all situations but will offer store credit under some circumstances. Here are some specifics regarding the return of items purchased from us:

    • Any purchase that did not require customization and costs less that $500 can be returned for a store credit from the same designer unless otherwise stated in the listing. Modifications such as ring sizing and custom stone selections can qualify as "customizations"
    • Orders that include multiple copies of an item (for instance; 2 or more of the same kind of pendant) are only eligible to have one of the identical items returned for store credit.
    • For everything not covered in points 1 or 2 above please feel free to ask, but go on the assumption that we cannot offer store credit and please do not purchase the item if there is any question in your mind as to the quality or your desire for the piece.
    • The buyer assumes all responsibility for shipping costs associated with the return.
    • The items must be returned in the same condition that they were shipped.
    • The desire for a return must be expressed within 3 weeks of the shipping date (the date which the item was shipped from Athens), and the item must be returned within 5 weeks of the shipping date.