About Athena's Treasures

Our Story

At Athena's Treasures, we believe that each person is unique. What you do. What you say. What you adorn is only an extension of you. You feel different and we know that. Our collection of high quality traditionally handcrafted Greek jewelry is a celebration of your individuality.

You could be one of the million.

With Athena's Treasures, we make you one in a million.


Passing down craftsmanship of over 5000 years, Greek artisans have refined their jewelry crafting techniques over the generations. Giorgo Damaskos and Grigoris Evangelatos developed this unique collection of designs rooted in tradition for the modern patron. They listen to your stories to create one-of-a-kind statement pieces that personify an expression as unique as you.


Hello, Ladies.

"Together, our mission is to travel and find hidden treasures from around the world."

– Peter Bradley, Founder


Peter Bradley

Founder, Athena's Treasures 

An engineer by profession, Peter is not the conventional jewelry businessman one would imagine. While living in Greece, he discovered intricate jewelry handcrafted by Giorgio Damaskos and brought worldwide recognition to his artistry with the inception of Athena's Treasures. Personally interacting with each customer, he collaborates with the craftsmen to ensure that each piece of jewelry is exactly what it should be – an expression.

Joanne B. Bradley

Partner, Athena's Treasures

An established Online Development and Digital Marketing professional, Joanne challenged the existing business ideas at Athena's Treasures. Her creative spirit enlightens the personality for Athena's Treasures. She energizes the business by providing customers with a seamless experience – tying all ends together to form a deep connection.


Joanne and Pete live in New Jersey. They travel to Greece several times a year to offer you the finest jewelry in Athena's Treasures. 


A team of talented go-getters nurtures Athena's Treasures and makes everything possible. A special thank you to each and every one of them for their efforts.

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Hailan Cai
Jade Xiaoyu Wang
Jawad Munawar Khan
Jinyang Bian
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